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TED629I Intern Teaching Seminar

Lead Faculty: Dr Clara Amador-Lankster

Course Description

Designed for interns to learn and apply developmentally appropriate pedagogy; planning for and implementing differentiated instruction; and exploring principles of assessment and potential adaptations in response to k-12 students. Grading is S or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine various instructional strategies and ascertain/explain why some instructional strategies/practices are and some are not developmentally appropriate for age and grade level(s).
  • Investigate different types of assessments within subject matter and grade level(s).
  • Explore, Analyze and Argue the effectiveness of various assessment plans.
  • Collect, analyze and interpret the significance of collecting anecdotal data as part of a quality instructional process.
  • Demonstrate how to adapt and modify instructional planning and delivery in response to differentiated student needs.
  • Reflect on how knowledge of the learners impacts and drives differentiation of instructional planning and delivery.
  • Identify key on-grade assessment measures and explain their structure and purpose.
  • Conduct assessment adaptations that are responsive to differentiated student needs, i.e. English Language Learner, Student with Special Needs and Gifted.
  • Identify what constitutes effective differentiation and reflect on its significance for student learning.
  • Implement a lesson plan that shows evidence of differentiation by level of readiness, interest and/or learning profile for a specific group of students.
  • Reflect on the effectiveness on lesson implementation and provide appropriate rationale for it.