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TED605 The Diverse Classroom

Lead Faculty: Dr Valerie K. Amber

Course Description

Complexity of today's classroom through cultural diversity, student development, curriculum planning, including curriculum development, design, implementation and evaluation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate through the anchor activities an understanding, appreciation, respect and acceptance for student diversity and individual identity as influenced by: a.Values, social class, nationality, race, ethnic group, religion, geographic region, gender and family. b.Abilities and disabilities, as seen in exceptionalities and multiple intelligences TPE Domains & TPEs addressed: C: 4,5,6; D: 8; E: 11; F: 12, 13 TPA Task 1,2
  • Identify and describe: Ways in which theories of human development influence educational practice; Good teaching practices as identified by Teacher Performance Expectations TPE Domains & TPEs addressed: C: 6 TPA Task 2
  • Describe characteristics of students in relation to: Physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development throughout the school years; and Exceptional needs (learning disabled, mentally retarded, behavior disorders, communicatively disabled, those with sensory disabilities, and gifted and talented). TPE Domains & TPEs addressed: C: 4,5,6 TPA Task 1, 2
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge to practice by: Adapting instruction and assessment to student differences so that students meet curriculum-based state standards; Using knowledge of English learners experience and family background to influence classroom practice; Reflecting on personal teaching/learning practices. TPE Domains & TPEs addressed: A; B: 2, 3; C: 4,5,7; D: 8,9; E: 11; F: 13 TPA Task 1, 2