MAT671 Appl Best Practice Strat in Cl

Lead Faculty: Dr. Linda Ventriglia-Nava

Course Description

Upon completion of this course, participants will possess the knowledge, skills and abilities identified in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. The emphasis is on developing a repertoire of Best Practice Teaching Strategies that can be applied to classroom instruction and assessment of diverse learners.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the Best Practices standards-based strategies to their teaching.
  • Reflect on their own teaching and its effectiveness for diverse learners.
  • Use student engagement and motivation strategies to accelerate learning and create intrinsically motivated Power Learners.
  • Demonstrate the use of interdisciplinary vocabulary building strategies and define how 20 minutes a day of vocabulary development increases student achievement across subject areas.
  • Demonstrate the use of Best Practices to develop the language proficiency of English learners.
  • Apply 21st century teacher and student questioning and problem solving to develop students' critical and creative thinking.
  • Reflect on the importance of interdisciplinary learning.
  • Apply Best Practice reading comprehension strategies for textual and digital reading.
  • Apply 21st century communication strategies.
  • Create a standards- based lesson incorporating and applying Best Practice teaching Strategies.