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MAT651 Assessing Educational Leaders

Lead Faculty: Dr Dina Pacis

Course Description

This is the foundation course for the Teacher Leadership Specialization and involves a self-assessment and the creation of a personal learning plan. Upon completion of the course, candidates will develop a clear sense of their strengths and challenges as educational leaders. In addition to developing a plan for their own professional learning, participating candidates will all learn the skills for assessing and developing other educational leaders within their organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to conduct an assessment of leadership competencies.
  • Better understand their own leadership competencies.
  • Know how to conduct a multi-dimensional leadership assessment analysis.
  • Be able to create a personal professional learning plan.
  • Understand the research surrounding educational leadership.
  • Acquire and be able to demonstrate the leadership qualities needed to produce effective classroom instruction.
  • Conduct a rigorous self-assessment to analyze their own personal leadership competencies.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the application of multi-dimensional leadership assessment through the creation of a personal professional learning plan.
  • Assess and debate the research surrounding educational leadership.
  • Engage other colleagues to critique each other's multi-dimensional leadership assessment analysis.