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MAT647A Lang Arts Assess and Instruc I

Lead Faculty: Dr Marilyn E. Moore

Course Description

Develops the ability to assess the strengths and needs of students in reading, writing, and oracy through multiple measures. Includes classroom-based formal and informal, group and individual assessment. Also emphasizes assessment-based instruction, particularly early intervention strategies using flexible grouping, small groups, and one-on-one tutoring.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the nature and purpose of reading/language arts assessment and its relationship to reading/language arts acquisition and cognition for speakers of English as a primary language and for English language learner (ELL).
  • Acquire a working knowledge of a variety of formal and informal assessment used for assessment of literacy development and growth.
  • Develop a knowledge of how to select, administer, score and interpret a battery of reading/language arts and learning measures including, where appropriate, data collected from allied professionals in the community.
  • Learn how to collect and process diagnostic data other than test scores which might influence student performance, such as data related to the environment and affective domain.
  • Be familiar with a variety of informal diagnostic strategies that tap the kind of real life reading tasks performed in and out of the classroom by all students.
  • Be able to interpret test results and make recommendations from the assessment battery to the parents and/or guardians of the students and/or to the students.
  • Develop competency in writing clear, concise, accurate evaluative reports of professional quality based on literacy assessments.
  • Acquire the knowledge of how to write a letter and Tutoring Conference Summary to parents and/or guardians.
  • Create a personal assessment file/resource collection for use in MAT 647B and beyond.
  • Read, discuss, evaluate in writing, and apply information from professional journals to MAT 647A/B settings, own classrooms and beyond.