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MAT645 Dev. Fluency in Reading

Lead Faculty: Dr Enid Acosta-Tello

Course Description

Research-based analysis of English phonology, morphology and orthography, with attention to teaching students to become proficient readers through recognizing sound-print relationships. Incorporates current approaches to phonemic awareness, explicit phonics instruction, recognition of high-frequency words and spelling patterns for both English speakers and English language learners.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of the theoretical and research foundations of teaching phonological awareness and linguistic processes.
  • Explain the scope and sequence of teaching phonological and linguistic processes.
  • Develop effective instructional practices for assisting phonological awareness and linguistic processes in the developing reader.
  • Design instructional strategies for individuals, small and large groups, and whole class instruction.
  • Select and adapt curriculum materials for native English speakers, limited English proficient speakers, and English language learners.
  • Evaluate appropriateness of instructional materials for teaching sound-print correspondence.
  • Develop research-based classroom management strategies related to the teaching of phonological and linguistic awareness.