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EDT693 Instructional Eval. & Devl.

Lead Faculty: Dr. Everett George Beckwith

Course Description

An exploration and application of alternative theories and strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of instructional programs. Applies usability framework, instruments, approaches to student outcomes and assessment, and continuous quality improvement strategies as they apply to the design and improvement of instructional systems. Capstone prospectus developed. Course is eligible for an "IP" grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a prospectus for an online instructional or training project.
  • Design an evaluation plan for an instructional product
  • Describe and apply formative and summative evaluation.
  • Develop and apply instruments for usability testing.
  • Design and present a visual storyboard and text storyboard.
  • Initiate an instructional project using an online tool or content management system.