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EDT671 Curriculum for Online Learning

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cynthia Sistek-Chandler

Course Description

A comprehensive course on how to design curriculum that will be implemented in an online teaching environment. Students use an online course management and authoring system to design a course for use in K-16 or for corporate, government, or military education.

Learning Outcomes

  • Design an online course.
  • Identify and demonstrate methods and techniques to accommodate learners in an online environment.
  • Analyze appropriate Internet resources to use in designing curriculum.
  • Critique five kinds of technology trends that will shape learning environments in the future.
  • Compare productivity software and data collection tools to perform statistical analysis of student performance on tests.
  • Describe professional skills required by educators who wish to benefit from emerging technology developments.
  • Identify and evaluate different course authoring systems for different uses.
  • Develop a curriculum plan for an Internet project designed according to a directed or constructivist model.