National University

EDT616 Video Games as Learning Tools

Lead Faculty: Dr. Everett George Beckwith

Course Description

Introduces students to game pedagogy and to mainstream, entertainment-based games to enhance learning. The overall goal is to increase games literacy and through hands-on exploration, demonstrate how video games can be effective learning tools. Students apply this knowledge to integrate a video game into training or into standards-based K-12 curriculum.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase their "games literacy" by playing and analyzing a variety of video games and simulations.
  • Identify game genres, platforms, industry statistics and other terminology.
  • Discuss the latest academic research on video games and their role in learning, motivation and education.
  • Understand games from the inside out by having created their own games to use in their classrooms.
  • Analyze how video games can be used as effective learning tools to help motivate students and facilitate knowledge, understanding and retention.
  • Apply constructivist principles by using software such as Squeak, an object oriented programming language that helps illustrate powerful concepts by allowing students to create their own games.
  • Attain step-by-step practical knowledge on how to use video games as effective teaching tools.
  • Discuss hot topic issues and how they relate to the role of games in education and the world.
  • Examine various impending products that look to be the future of games in education.