Clear Level II Education Specialist Mild/Moderate

(5 courses; 18 quarter units)

Please see additional Credential requirements listed at the end of this Special Education Department section of the catalog.

The last date that a program sponsor may admit a candidate to the Level II approved program is December 31, 2014 and the program shall be completed by January 31, 2019. (5 California Code of Regulations Pertaining to Special Education Teaching Credential Requirements §80048.4. Specific Requirements for the Level II Education Specialist Instruction Credential)


Required Courses
Core Requisite(s):
All courses are scheduled by an advisor. Courses in the Level II program may not be taken concurrently. Instructions for applying for a waiver of EXC 656 are provided in EXC 655A.
Candidates for the Level II Credential must take EXC 655A first and may not begin any of the other Level II courses until EXC 655A is completed. EXC 655B must be taken last.
Candidates in the mild/moderate program may take EXC 656, EXC 657, and EXC 658 in any order.