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SPD661 Special Topics

Lead Faculty: Dr. Penelope Keough

Course Description

Candidate explores a special topic of interest as identified in the candidate's Individual Induction Plan. Candidate can waive course by completion of 45 hours of non-university activities in a specialized area that supports students with special needs. A strong emphasis is placed on evidenced based instruction in one's specialized area.

Learning Outcomes

  • Master techniques of conducting and reviewing scholarly research, either qualitative or quantitative, that supports current issues, trends and legal matters in one's specialized area that enhances student instruction.
  • Learn application of various peer-reviewed articles that support the writing of lesson plans in one's specialized area that contribute to the curriculum (standards based) for students with special needs.
  • Interview an educational professional in one's specialized area to ascertain standards based curriculum for student with specialized needs in candidate's chosen are of specialization.