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SPD660 Clear Orientation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Penelope Keough

Course Description

Initiation of the Clear Authorization Program for M/M, M/S or DHH occurs in this Orientation and Planning Seminar. Candidates will develop an IIP with 2-4 competency objectives (application skills), in conjunction with their employer and National university. Competency objectives in their area of specialization may be completed via coursework or professional development. Required:completed first in the program.

Learning Outcomes

  • Candidates will collaborate and develop an Individualized Induction Plan (IIP) and (a) work in collaboration with National University and their employer, (b) select from a menu of learning options, (c) to develop advanced select skills grounded in current research in their authorization area. PLO 2
  • Candidates will interact with and receive support from professionals (in person or via technology) who are credentialed in the same or related authorization area and/or who are professionals in areas relevant to the needs identified in their IIPs (Individual Induction Plans). PLO 2
  • The candidate will develop an IIP (Individual Induction Plan) based on the Transition Plan from their preliminary program that includes: action, dates, research, application and expected impact on teaching / student achievement. PLO 1,4
  • The candidate will demonstrate awareness of research issues and trends in the field, evidence based practices, and legal issues, related to the topic of focus in their IIP. PLO 4
  • The candidate will demonstrate the ability to base interventions on assessed needs of students. PLO 1,3