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DHH636 Language Develop Methods D/HH

Course Description

Candidates will develop the knowledge and ability to apply a wide variety of instructional techniques to develop age-appropriate language and cognitive skills for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Candidates are expected to demonstrate skill in both visual (signed) and/or auditory (spoken) communication in the implementation of these techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of instructional methods, systems and techniques to develop age-appropriate language and cognitive skills for deaf and hard of hearing students of varying skill levels.
  • Apply knowledge of best practices to develop and implement differentiated lessons and instructional sequences in Language Arts (1 for students kindergarten through second grade, 1 for students grades three through six, 1 for students grades seven through twelve) to be delivered through both signed and spoken language.
  • Demonstrate ability to adapt/modify general education Language Arts lesson plans to maximize deaf and hard of hearing students' access to the core curriculum.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ASL-English learning theory and research linked to practice
  • Identify and explain principles of second and dual language acquisition, learning, and assessing in a variety of educational placement sites.