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PED683 Program Evaluation

Course Description

This course focuses on history and foundations of program evaluation, to perform a needs assessment, variety of program evaluation methodologies, and evaluation of current empirically-based programs that address student needs. School Psychology candidates will learn skills necessary to implement a program to meet the needs of the schools they are servicing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the benefits and shortcomings of educational planning.
  • Develop and coordinate prevention, early intervention, and remedial programs and services, appropriate to the diverse needs of the community, school, and district.
  • Understand the roles of school-wide staff, parents, and community members in the delivery of multiple academic and behavioral intervention, prevention programs, involving community members who represent cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity.
  • Identify key components of successful intervention programs and appreciate the impact of using data-based-decisions as used in program evaluation.
  • Students will learn the leadership skills necessary to develop a proposal, implement programs, and evaluate results that are used for implementing program revisions.
  • Develop increased professional consultation skills.