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PED652 Child Psychopharmacology

Lead Faculty: Dr. Linda K. Smedley

Course Description

Evaluates and lists the primary medications in use today; critiques pertinent research in psychiatric intervention as it relates to psychotherapy; analyzes selected issues in resolving possible conflict in treatment goals. School Psychology candidates learn to recognize signs and symptoms that might be amenable to medication. Many disorders are discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and articulate the way in which drugs are handled by the body.
  • Discuss the neural underpinnings of psychotropic drug action.
  • Distinguish between the major classes of psychotropic agents used in the treatment of specific disorders of childhood and adolescents.
  • Recognize and articulate drug side effects and the way in which such side effects might impact school performance.
  • Understand which symptoms are treatable with psychotropic medications and when other co-therapies are indicated.
  • Discuss medication treatment options, drug effects, and drug side effects with parents, children, and other members of the treatment team.
  • Articulate cultural and ethnic differences is the diagnosis, treatment, and response to psychopharmaco therapies.