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ISL660 Financial and Information Mgt

Lead Faculty: Dr. Rollin Nordgren

Course Description

Introduction to public school and non-profit finance policies and practices, emphasizing financial and information management. Exploration of federal, state, and local revenue sources, district and school budgeting, and financial management procedures for both schools and non-profit organizations. Introduction to budgeting and accounting procedures.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze financial reporting policies and practices unique to nonprofit and educational institutions.
  • Explore sources of funding beyond tax revenue to include corporate sponsorships, grant funding and innovative ideas that lead to new funding sources.
  • Evaluate information and data management systems.
  • Analyze financial policies and determine probable impact of financial management strategies.
  • Create and evaluate budgets, financial statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements.
  • Analyze financial reporting requirements, government roles for financial obligations and tax preparation.