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ISL 661 Leadership Global Seminar

Lead Faculty: Dr. Rollin Nordgren

Course Description

Examine competencies for leadership in globalization including emerging and future trends for business and education. Develop cultural sophistication and awareness in order to prepare leaders for increasing globalization. Ideally, students will engage in an international experience as part of this course and (when international travel may be unavailable) may also participate in diverse models of education and cultural experiences within the U.S. which will provide for understanding and learning about populations that may not be considered mainstream or widely known.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the current and future needs of all aspects of the global community as they relate to educational curriculum.
  • Examine competencies for educational leadership needed in a globalized economy and society.
  • Examine current and future trends of national school systems as they prepare to meet the future needs of the global environment.
  • Explore the impact of diversity and pluralism in on the function and role of schooling.
  • Analyze individual cultural competence through the lens of serving a diverse society.