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EDA684 Resource Mgt in Charter School

Lead Faculty: Dr. Rollin Nordgren

Course Description

Overview of resource management in a charter school. Resources that will be discussed are time, personnel, facilities, and financial. How to plan for the best use of the resources available. Content learned in EDA 618, 619, and 626 will be expanded in this course and applied to charter schools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare a multi-year plan that demonstrates how resources will be utilized and allocated in a charter school.
  • Develop a Memorandum of Understanding that would be established between a charter school and its sponsoring agency, including administrative fees and charge backs.
  • Design a plan for the acquisition and use of facilities, including: SB 740, zoning, and ADA requirements.
  • Develop a recruitment and retention program for employees that demonstrates the best practices in human resource management and demonstrates a sensitivity to cultural pluralism, economic and social diversity, and the demographics of the Charter School.
  • Design a program that meets the requirements for documentation and building a personnel file regarding employee discipline and termination in a Charter School setting.
  • Compare and contrast the education code requirements of a charter school compared to a public school.
  • Design a professional development program for the employees in the charter school.