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EDA650 Ethics and School Leadership

Lead Faculty: Dr. Clifford E. Tyler

Course Description

Introduces connection between leadership and ethics. Study of traditional ethical frameworks as presented by early Greek writers, past and present philosophers and theologians, non-believers, and leadership scholars. Consideration of long-range implications of leadership activities through case study analysis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the multiple perspectives of ethical behaviors within diverse cultures.
  • Evaluate a personal ethical compass in relation to principles of right conduct.
  • Create and design possible ways to implement the ethical theories of leadership into the school setting.
  • Recognize and generalize from given facts a series of forces that might be encountered which would hinder incorporating ethical leadership into an educational organization.
  • Analyze linkages among four other important attributes of ethical leadership qualities: change, research, community and diversity.
  • Apply ethical decision-making techniques to real life scenarios from school districts and other educational organizations.