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Areas of Study

EDA617 Philosophy and Leadership

Lead Faculty: Dr. Daniel T. Cunniff

Course Description

Foundational course for the Master's program. Connecting Plato, Aristotle, John Dewey and other philosophers to schools today as well as relating leadership scholars such as James MacGregor Burns, Peter Senge, and Thomas Sergiovanni to the continuum of thought in developing educational leadership studies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Write about and discuss a variety of Educational Philosophies from pre-Socratic through Realism.
  • Identify and write about current issues critical to education today.
  • Present in writing, ones own educational philosophy.
  • Identify ones role as an instructional designer including values and ethics in your schools mission statement.
  • Demonstrate in writing, ones knowledge of the continuum and progression of the history of thought on leadership studies as they relate to educational administration.