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EDA607 Induction Seminar

Lead Faculty: Dr. Donna Elder

Course Description

Developing and planning an individualized candidate professional induction plan. Identification of professional growth opportunities, including non-University work, and developing a plan for a field-based project aligned with candidate's needs and interests. Introduction to the mentoring process and selection of a mentor. Preparation of a current administrative portfolio. Grading is by S or U only. Course is eligible for an "IP" grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify areas of interest for personal study and professional development. (CPSELS 5.7 and 5.8)
  • Identify supplementary areas of study to enhance candidate's learning within administrative domains. (CPSELS 5.8)
  • Select mentors and build working relationships with them.
  • Prepare goals for personal and professional growth. (CPSELS 5.8)
  • Increase and expand their skills and experience in these areas: (CPSELS 3) Vision of learning (CPSELS 1) School culture (CPSELS 2) Organizational management (CPSELS 3) School family needs and community diversity (CPSELS 4) Ethical leadership. (CPSELS 5.1)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of political, social, economic, legal and cultural context of educational leadership. (CPSELS 6)