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Specialization in Community Development

Lead Faculty: Dr Julia L. Buchanan

The Area of Specialization in Community Development is designed for aspiring change agents and leaders, working in social transformation and community development. In order to prepare leaders to analyze community development projects and practices from within systemic, holistic, and sustainable perspectives, students will be prepared to frame issues and integrate cultural differences within diverse populations. This program is tied to real-world needs, and promotes a constant emphasis on the interplay between theory, reflection, and practice. An Area of Specialization in Community Development is ideal for individuals who desire to develop the understanding of the dynamics of power, politics, and resources in a social transformation and community development context.

The objective of this program is to equip leaders with the ability to become:

  1. Scholars with sensitivity and expertise at observing and interpreting culture and community dynamics.
  2. Innovators who can develop and implement culturally responsive programs that address social issues.
  3. Critical thinkers able to evaluate approaches to meeting the needs of communities.
  4. Leaders who inspire with life-changing compassion and transformative vision.

This program will be useful in many areas including the following:

Non-profit organizations, Advocacy groups, Community organizing, Corporate and private foundations, Public education and public health, Environmental organizations, Economic development, Grassroots and Arts organizations, Religious communities, Tribal organizations

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically analyze social transformation and community development cases and practices from within systemic, holistic, and sustainable perspectives.
  2. Examine the origins and contemporary implications of cultural differences effecting community environments, and develop intervention methods into diverse cultural contexts.
  3. Recognize and analyze their own behavior within the dynamics of power, politics, and resources in community development contexts.


This AOS requires that students fulfill the degree requirements for the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (10 courses, 2 electives) and these required 4 courses. Students can use 2 required electives for this specialization, and then are required to take 2 additional courses.
Program Requirements (4 courses; 18 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):