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English Communication Series

Designed to help students improve their English communication skills while learning more about American culture. The focus is on developing fluency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing through an exploration of American culture.

3-day program
$500 per course for 3-day program (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
72 hours per month/course

5-day program
$750 per course for 5-day program (Monday through Friday)
93 hours per month/course


ECS 1900X: Basic Personal and Workplace Communication
From first impressions to basic business correspondence (letters, faxes, memos, note-taking, and reports), students develop confidence in personal and workplace English communication skills. Develop foundation skills, improve organization, develop time management skills, and develop all four language modalities in English.

ECS1910X: Interpersonal Communication
From money matters and international trade to working together with colleagues and dealing with problems, students engage in English communication as they address work-related and interpersonal communication challenges. Students conduct a learning style inventory, and develop all four language modalities in English.

ECS1920X: Functional Communication
From conferences, interviews, and meetings to travel, marketing, and operations, students apply functional English communication skills, engage in interactivities (discussion, problem-solving and role play), and complete collaborative projects. Students explore multiple intelligences, and develop all four language modalities in English.

ECS1930X: Cross-Cultural Communication
Students develop useful language skills to ask question or ask for clarification and apply expressions for language activation. Students engage in role play, make contributions in discussion groups, and practice the role of conversation leader. Students develop all four language modalities in English.

ECS1940X: Communication through Teamwork
Students learn about the roles of team members and engage in teamwork activities to encourage reflec-tion and application of higher-order thinking skills. Students develop all four language modalities in English through teamwork activities.

ECS1950X: Communicative Confidence
Students identify and practice listening and speaking techniques and increase confidence through interactivities as well as continue to develop all four language modalities in English through performance-based activities.

ECS1960X: Collaborative Problem-Solving
Students explore different types of problems and discover why problem-solving skills are essential for their studies. Through collaborative projects that require the students to apply all four language modalities in English, students use imagination and creative thinking to find solutions to a variety of relevant problems.

ECS1970X: Using Data to Communicate
Students create and explain graphs, charts, and diagrams in conjunction with formal presentations and written assignments including the application of all four language modalities.

ECS1975X: Graphic Organizers to Communicate Ideas
Students use a variety of graphic organizers to take notes, brainstorm, organize ideas, and prepare oral or written assignments, including the application of all four language modalities in English.

ECS1980X: Communication through Fiction
Students read, analyze, and discuss fiction from cultures around the world applying metacognitive skills and four language modalities in English.

ECS1985X: Communication through Non-Fiction
Students read, analyze and discuss a variety of non-fiction works applying to metacognitive skills and four English Language modalities.

ECS1990X: Communication through Storytelling
Students read, analyze and discuss stories passed from generation to generation following the oral traditions of the Native Americans and other indigenous cultures from around the world and the role musical instruments played. Using strategies, such as Flower Power, Story boards, graphic organizers, and journal writing, students will recite and create legends and tales applying the four English language modalities.

To register, or for more information, contact the English Language Programs at (858) 541-7747 or email