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Certificate in Construction Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Shekar Viswanathan

This certificate provides students the skills needed to fill entry-level
construction management positions. The curriculum provides
students with a formal education and the essential skills for
managing construction projects. This program addresses the
industry-wide shortage of junior level construction managers
available to replace the senior level construction managers who are
nearing retirement. The program provides an opportunity for both
the field-experienced and construction novice to develop the
essential skills for managing a wide range of construction projects.
The Certificate in Construction Management allows students to
qualify for a variety of project management positions at design-build,
construction management, general contractor and
subcontracting firms.

Computer Requirements: Student must have access to a PC or a
MAC computer that is running Windows Operating System.
Students using a MAC computer will need to install BootCamp
boot manager software in order to run the Windows Operating
System. In addition, students should verify that their computer
supports AutoCAD products before pursuing the Certificate in
Construction Management program.
Recommended PC requirements are listed below:
Microsoft Windows
Windows XP
High speed modem
Sound card speakers

Age: Some state and federal agencies require that an individual be
18 years of age to be qualified for licensure or certification.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able

• Communicate through written, verbal, and graphical media.
• Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of engineering science and
mathematics and its application in problem solving.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of structural
applications and analysis of construction systems and materials
• Demonstrate an understanding of professional standards, and
ethical and legal issues in construction management and
• Use appropriate computer tools to solve engineering problems.
• Exhibit a fundamental understanding of building mechanical
and electrical systems and methods for surveying and metrics.
• Demonstrate fundamentals of cost estimating and scheduling
• Apply field inspection techniques to meet safety standards.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of project
management and control.


(12 courses; 54 quarter units)

CENX 1010X Intro. Construction Materials (4.5 quarter units)
CENX 1012X Construction Mathematics (4.5 quarter units)
(Prerequisite: High school algebra or higher)
CENX 1014X Intro AutoCAD & Eng. Graphics (4.5 quarter units)
(Prerequisites: CENX 1012X and High school algebra or
CENX 1015X Surveying and Metrics (4.5 quarter units)
(Prerequisite: CENX 1012X)
CENX 1016X Structural Systems (4.5 quarter units)
CENX 1017X Working Drawings & Specs (4.5 quarter units)
(Prerequisite: CENX 1014X)
CENX 1018X Fund. of Mechanical & Electric (4.5 quarter units)
(Prerequisite: High school algebra or higher.)
CENX 1021X Cost Estimating (4.5 quarter units)
(Prerequisites: CENX 1010X, CENX 1014X, CENX
CENX 1022X Construction Plan & Schedule (4.5 quarter units)
(Prerequisites: CENX 1010X, CENX 1014X, CENX
CENX 1023X Build Codes, Safety & Inspect. (4.5 quarter units)
(Prerequisites: CENX 1018X and CENX 1017X)
CENX 1024X Const. Contracts, Law & Ethics (4.5 quarter units)
CENX 1029X Construction Management (4.5 quarter units)
(Prerequisite: Minimum of any 6 CENX courses).



Program Information

Online Education

This program is available online.

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