CLS1270X Lab. Mgmnt. Didactic Lectures

Course Description

Provides insight and practical application of management techniques, exploration of financial, personnel-related issues, and operational marketing issues affecting the clinical laboratory.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practical application and development of skills to manage communication situations in the clinical laboratory and developing a plan for solution of the situation.
  • Develop a list of activities that a laboratory manager could use in the clinical laboratory to enhance personnel productivity and team building.
  • Practical application of Quality Assessment practices to ensure accurate patient test result outcomes.
  • Practical application of conflict analysis and management approaches that could be utilized in the clinical laboratory.
  • Practical experience in creating and developing a proposal for marketing laboratory services through an outreach program.
  • Review of Quality Control procedures in the clinical laboratory, with emphasis on meeting CAP guidelines.
  • Analysis of patient specimen handling for the pre-analytical, analytical, and post analytical phases of testing and possible modifications to ensure timely, accurate specimen turnaround.