CLS1210X Urinalysis Didactic Lectures

Course Description

The Urinalysis Didactic Lectures are designed to reinforce and strengthen the practical in-laboratory trainee experience by providing didactic lecture subjects that cover essential areas in urinalysis such as clinical microscopy, chemical analysis, crystal analysis, and analytical skills..

Learning Outcomes

  • Log in daily workload without error..
  • State necessary requirements for collection of 5 different types of urine specimens..
  • Organize specimens for adequacy and efficacy.
  • Test sample either manually or automated.
  • Perform instrument maintenance and Quality control procedures..
  • Describe physical appearance of sample.
  • Perform chemical determinations on sample and accurately interpret results.
  • Perform and interpret confirmatory tests (clinitest, icto test, acetest)..
  • Microscopic examination of specimens with identification of all formed elements found in sample.
  • Examine crystals and identify.
  • Identify bacteria, yeast, parasites.
  • Correlate findings and pathological disease state of the patient.
  • Perform daily Quality control and record results to include proficiency testing results.