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PSX1986X Electric Vehicle (EV) & Hybrid Technician Certification Program

Course Description

This entry level Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Technician course, PSX1986X, is designed to teach students about electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle operations, components, construction, and safety.

As more electric vehicles become available, new job skills will be required to support them. In addition to maintenance technicians, there will be a need for infrastructure technicians, sales support personnel, and component repair technicians. This course will prepare you for this exciting new field.

This course includes an extensive hands-on lab using real electric vehicle components. Students will work with electric motors, batteries, motor controllers, wiring, and test equipment to safely assemble a working electric vehicle.

Length: 86 hours

Cost: $4,249

Dates: July 23 to August 8, 2112. Program runs for two weeks Monday through Friday and on Saturday on the second week.

To register for this class contact Extended Learning at 1-800-NAT-UNIV ext. 8600.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify all major components of an Electric Vehicle Drivetrain
  • Identify operating characteristics of Electric Vehicles
  • Identify Personal Protection equipment, (PPE) used when working on Electric Vehicles
  • Understand the operating principles of AC and DC Electric Motors
  • Explain motor control methods
  • Describe various charging methods and J1772 standards
  • Understand Battery types used in Electric Vehicles; Lead Acid, NiCad, L-Ion
  • Operate diagnostic meters and explain test results

Methods of Assessment and Evaluation
Students will be continuously assessed for safety in all lab exercises. Students must complete a series of hands on lab assignments and written quizzes in class. Final assessment will be the completion of the ETA EVDS (Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Specialist) Certification exam.

This is a must take class for:

  • New and Graduating Automotive Students
  • Working Automotive Technicians
  • Gas to Electric Vehicle Conversion Technicians
  • Shop and Service Managers
  • Parts Counter Personnel
  • Service Writers
  • Fleet Technicians
  • Tow Truck Operators and Impound Storage Personnel (Safety)
  • Anyone planning on working with any electric vehicle (motorcycle, boat, airplane, etc.)

Course Information