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TEDX1891X Why DI?: An Introduction to Differentiated Instruction

Course Description

Why DI?: An Introduction to Differentiated Instruction, is an interactive computer-based instruction course, designed to give students an understanding of the framework of and need for creating supportive learning environments for diverse learning populations.

In this course students will learn what is meant by Differentiated Instruction (DI) and the common myths associated with creating the differentiated classroom. We will discuss the legal, theoretical, and pedagogical foundations in the field of education that support the utilization of differentiated instructional practices and principles. We will reflect on best practices and national trends in the design of the educational setting to meet the needs of a diverse learning population.

Why DI?: An Introduction to Differentiated Instruction will also provide connections to a variety of concepts, variables, and resources that will assist practitioners in aligning their own professional practices with those found in the differentiated classroom.

4 CEUs; $460

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