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EDX1201X Computer-Based Technology in the Classroom

Lead Faculty: Dr. Cynthia Sistek-Chandler

Course Description

Transcripted Extended Learning number of EDX 1201X

This course is a comprehensive overview of the use of computer-based technology in the educational environment and integration of computer-based applications into instruction in the classroom. Includes study and hands-on experience of such topics as the computer as a tool, tutor and tutee. Addresses the impact of the different computer modalities used in education, terminology, classroom technology management, introduction to the Internet and integration issues of educational technology. Also includes hands-on practice of productivity tools for word processing, spreadsheet and database management. $795; 4.5 quarter units.

Satisfies the CCTC technology requirements for a Professional Clear under the Ryan Credential and the Preliminary SB2042 Credential.

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