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CTEX1199X Supervised Teaching

Lead Faculty: Dr. Thomas J. Doyle

Course Description

Supervised Teaching consists of a minimum of one term (as defined by the employer). Units: 1) school site classroom orientation and responsibilities, 2) learning environment and classroom management, 3) assessment and evaluation, and 4) lesson design and differentiated instruction. Grading is S or U.

4.5 quarter units; $525

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Upon successful completion of CTEX 1199X students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate fulfillment of professional dispositions by fulfilling responsibilities and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships
  • Demonstrate effective classroom management techniques and provide a positive learning environment for students
  • Assess student learning by using multiple assessment to determine the needs of ELL, special needs, and gifted students
  • Differentiate and provide instruction that meets the unique needs of all learners
  • Demonstrate ways to adapt content standards based on learners with diverse needs
  • Reflect on their teaching performance; identify areas of strength and areas of need; and determine student learning needs

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