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CTEX1126X Diverse Classroom

Lead Faculty: Dr. Thomas J. Doyle

Course Description

This course integrates California K-12 academic content standards with effective instructional strategies for adolescent/ adult learners. Candidates will access student background information for the purpose of designing and reflecting upon long and short term planning through lesson and unit plans, integrating CTE Standards with Standards from other content areas.

4.5 quarter units; $525

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Upon successful completion of CTEX 1126X students will be able to:

  • Design a variety of learner outcomes and activities so that students are engaged in developmentally appropriate learning
  • Develop learner outcomes that are measurable, observable, and attainable
  • Identify, create and use assessments that align with learner outcomes and activities for students at the top 1/3, middle 1/3, bottom 1/3, English Language Learners, special needs learners and gifted students
  • Develop units of study that integrate multiple assessments
  • Integrate the use of technology into unit and lesson plans
  • Design long-term curricular plans that consider the learning needs of all students


CTEX 1100X: Orientation to CTE
CTEX 1111X:  Adolescent/Adult Ed Psych
CTEX 1125X:  Instruction/Management

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