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CTEX1111X Adolescent Education Psychology

Lead Faculty: Dr. Thomas J. Doyle

Course Description

This course examines how educational psychology is applied to adolescent and adult learning and teaching. Theories of Development, Learning Theories, Instructional Approaches, Learning Environments, and Student Assessment are studied. Special emphasis will be given to applying theory into practices through the Supervised Teaching experience.

4.5 quarter units; $525

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Upon successful completion of CTEX 1111X students will be able to:

  • Use information processing to create lesson plans that meet the unique needs of the individual student
  • Create lesson plans that demonstrate differentiation that meets the needs of all students as required by the TPEs
  • Develop an effective learning environment plan informed by the study of educational psychology
  • Create lessons that include pre-assessment; during assessment and post assessment
  • Create units and lessons that use both summative and formative assessments


CTEX 1100X: Orientation to CTE

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