National University

CSX1806X Human Resource Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Donna Elder

Course Description

This course is designed to explore all of the aspects of human resource management in charter schools. Analysis of social and political forces impacting human resource leadership and school-community relations in charter schools will be examined.

Students will determine the impacts of both internal and external components of operation of personnel and school management functions in charter schools. Needs of diverse communities, cultural pluralism, personnel issues, and personnel and community relationships related to state and federal laws and local policies as it applies to charter schools will be studied. The importance of collaborative relationships with the sponsoring agency as it relates to human resource management will be discussed.

Length: four weeks; August 29 - September 24, 2011

Cost: $525

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will:

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to cultural pluralism, economic and social diversity, and the demographics which affect human resource management and school-community relations within a Charter School.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the policies, procedures, and California Education Code that build a good personnel management program within a Charter School.
  • Build awareness of the school as a community, integrating approaches to providing services to children and families within the Charter School setting.
  • Design an ethically-based recruitment, interview, assignment and induction program for employment, evaluation, support for and retention of Charter School personnel.
  • Understand the requirements for documentation and personnel file building regarding employee discipline and termination in a Charter School setting.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of management of employees in a Charter School.

Course Information