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Dr. Olsberg’s research seeks to understand the connections between culture, politics and personal identity. A first generation Cuban-American, Dr. Olsberg has conducted ethnographic studies in Eastern Cuba, engaged in analysis of media coverage of Haitian politics and economics, and examined the way that those living in rural Mid-Missouri communities define the struggles they face in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Olsberg’s work draws upon critical theories across disciplines, and he firmly believes that cross-disciplinary, collaborative scholarly efforts can lead to breakthroughs in our understanding of our societies and our selves. He believes that teaching is a means of building and changing communities for the better, and that difficult dialogues within the classroom can lead to greater understanding and compassion for those who we perceive as different.

Dr. Olsberg began at National University in July 2015, and was previously a visiting faculty member at Southern Methodist University. He completed his PhD in Sociology, with a graduate minor in International Development, from the University of Missouri in 2014. He is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and enjoys traveling, hiking, and any sport that involves skates.

Scholarly Publications:

Olsberg, Joshua E. 2012. “The Cracks in the Wall: Earthquakes, Patriarchy and Transnational Capital in Haitian Free Trade Zones.”Fast Capitalism 9.1.

Kruse, Robin, Joshua E. Olsberg, Deborah Parker Oliver, Cheryl Shigaki, Molly Vetter-Smith, Tamara Day and Joseph LeMaster. 2012. "Communication during patient-provider encounters regarding diabetes self-management?"Journal of Family Medicine.

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Vetter-Smith, Molly and Joseph LeMaster, Joshua E. Olsberg, Robin Kruse, Tamara Day, and David Mehr. 2012 . “Providing Diabetes Self-Management Support in Rural Primary Care Clinics with Nurse Partners.”Western Journal of Nursing Research.

Scholarly Presentations:

Olsberg, Joshua E.04/2014. “If a Martian Lands in Cuba, How Does it Learn About Class?” Presented to Midwest Sociological Soceity Annual Meeting. Omaha, Nebraska.

Olsberg, Joshua E. 11/2013. “Originary Tales: The Ubiquity of Community-Based Narratives in Cuba’s First City.” Colloquim Series, Dept. of Sociology. University of Missouri.

Olsberg, Joshua E. 03/2013. “Whither Marco Rubio?: The Production of Dislocated Identity in the Miami Cuban Community.” Presented to Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois.

Olsberg, Joshua E. and Katie Knop. 02/2013. “Troubling Sexual Violence: A Mulitlevel Performative Approach.” Presented to 7th Annual University of Missouri Women’s and Gender Studies Conference. Columbia, Missouri.

Olsberg, Joshua E., Kruse RL, Vetter-Smith MJ, Day TM, Shigaki CL, LeMaster JW. 04/2012 "Reading between the lines: An analysis of patient-provider interactions at five family medicine clinics." Presented to 45th STFM Annual Spring Conference. Seattle, Washington.

Kruse RL, Olsberg, Joshua E. 04/2012 "Discussion of self-care during follow-up visits for diabetes." Presented to 45th STFM Annual Spring Conference. Seattle, Washington. April 2012.

Olsberg, Joshua E. 05/2011 “Gender and (Not) Free Trades Zones in Haiti.” Presented to the Caribbean Studies Association Annual Conference, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.

Olsberg, Joshua E. 03/2009 “Narrative Analysis: Linking Text to Context.” Presented to the Qualitative Research Group: University of Missouri—Department of Family and Community Medicine.


Robert Habenstein Dissertation Fellowship, 2013.

John Bies International Travel Scholarship, 2012.

Gus T. Ridgel Fellowship, University of Missouri, 2008-2013.

Scholarly Articles in Progress:

Olsberg, Joshua E. "Whither Marco Rubio: Political Culture, Epistemic Community and Dislocated Cuban Identity."

Olsberg, Joshua E. "Footnotes From the Margins: Cultivating Critical Dialogues Through the Use of Literature in the Social Science Classroom."

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