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SOC430 Culture, Technology & Society

Lead Faculty: Dr Margaret J. Greer

Course Description

Examines the social, cultural and historical development of technology from the Industrial Revolution to today, and its consequences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the impact of the first industrial revolution (steam power) on the organization of work, transportation and the environment.
  • Specify the impact of the second industrial revolution (electric power and internal combustion engines) on communications, transportation, consumption, and the environment.
  • Clarify the effect of the third industrial revolution (computers) on communications, work, and the production and distribution of knowledge.
  • Analyze the positive (e.g., greater efficiency in information storage and retrieval) and negative(e.g., job loss, invasion of privacy) impact of computers on American life.
  • Present specific instances(e.g., the introduction of the telegraph and the telephone) in which communications media transformed the human perception of time and space.
  • Research a paper using on-line computer resources and databases (e.g., Biblos, Internet, Prodigy, America On-Line).