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SOC310 Cultural Workplace Dynamics

Lead Faculty: Dr Margaret J. Greer

Course Description

This course defines the relationship of the workplace to the community and examines the historical development and relevance of social and economic matters crucial to a healthy perspective for employers and employees.

Learning Outcomes

  • Point to five characteristics which undermine a productive work environment in a research paper.
  • Identify five characteristics which create a productive work environment in a research paper.
  • Explain how ethnic and racial/or gender differences pose both a challenge and an opportunity for the workplace in an oral presentation.
  • Explain the impact of technological change on the workplace (especially the tree major industrial revolutions and the current computer revolution) on a final exam.
  • Assess the cultural dynamics in his/her own workplace in a course journal.
  • Present expressive and reflective writing on the relationship of work, self, and culture in essays, in class assignments and exams.