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PAC670 Patient Advocacy in Action

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lorna L. Zukas

Course Description

Develop assessment and planning skills to problem-solve and utilize information and research for patient advocacy. Participate in field visits and develop an advocacy project designed to advance understanding of health-related needs in a community or population of interest. Analyze how allied health professionals collaborate to improve health care. Two-month course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the advocacy model in medicine.
  • Explore and critically evaluate how doctors and their patients utilize knowledge of theories of decision-making.
  • Understand and critically evaluate the structure and function of an integrated health care system as well as the role of the health care management team.
  • Apply Knowledge of applicable federal and state patients' rights, (i.e., civil rights, human rights, etc.) legislation, rules and regulations.
  • Assume the role of the empathetic practitioner in providing culturally competent health care.
  • Synthesize learning from course readings, lectures, discussions, interviews, presentations and other outside sources in the context of a relevant community health project design.