HIS645A Special Topics in History I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Alexander Zukas

Course Description

Advanced research in the current scholarly literature on a special topic in history. Variable topic chosen by the instructor. Possible topics include the history of work, imperialism, migration, gender, war, technology, family, or religion. (May not duplicate content of HIS 645B, HIS 649A or HIS 649B).

Learning Outcomes

  • Organize the major themes and issues of the history of cartography as presented and debated in the scholarly literature.
  • Evaluate the theoretical and empirical approaches that leading historians of cartography bring to the study of the history of maps, mapmaking, and map use.
  • Lead a college seminar discussion on a topic or issue in the history of cartography.
  • Apply appropriate cartographic terms when evaluating a map.
  • Research the scholarly discussion of a topic in the history of cartography.
  • Analyze a cartographic primary source related to that topic.
  • Write a sophisticated analysis of a cartographic primary source.