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BIS401 Interdisciplinary Practice: In

Lead Faculty: Dr. Jacqueline Caesar

Course Description

This course is a sequel to the introductory course interdisciplinary studies, BIS 301. It is the second of three course courses in the Bachelor of Arts program. It is a 'how-to course' on interdisciplinary inquiry designed to provide students with an opportunity to use digital tools to explore and examine the assumptions and the relevance of connectivity between and among various disciplines on the College of Letters and Sciences. It is anticipated that the students will learn how to examine issues critically and approach problems holistically. They will also learn how to integrate the knowledge acquired in their program of study to date and create a space and a voice to demonstrate the practice of interdisciplinary.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the purpose and scope of interdisciplinary practice
  • Be able to use technology as a tool for interdisciplinary inquiry
  • Be able to identify the parameters for integrating knowledge across the disciplines
  • Be able to integrate and synthesize content from various disciplines using technology
  • Be able to identify concepts within disciplines and/or courses taken or plan to take in your area of concentration
  • Develop a knowledge-integration plan that reflects collaborating learning and an interdisciplinary mindset
  • Investigate and communicate an issue that demonstrates the 'bridging disciplines' theme and addresses real world concerns that affect you and your community
  • Be able to demonstrate a proficiency in creative and critical thinking
  • Use information communications technology for reliable and valid data collection, and analysis