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BIS301 Intro to Interdisc. Studies

Lead Faculty: Dr Jacqueline Caesar

Course Description

This course is designed to develop the mindset of a holistic thinker or inter-disciplinarian and that of a knowledge explorer, a participant observer and citizen leader in a culturally-diverse and interdependent world. The course is organized around instructional units and a number of related modules. It is based on a principle of 'information-giving, information-receiving, and information-exchanging.' Emphasis is placed on reading, reflection, web resources and enrichment lectures, action research, writing, dialogue, and debate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the theory and practice of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Become acquainted with some of the key thinkers in various disciplines
  • Acquire the requisite skills and attitudes to function effectively as a working professional and citizen leader in a pluralistic world community
  • Identify concepts within disciplines and recognize the interdependent variables between disciplines
  • Become aware of some of the major traditions, themes, and questions of our time
  • Integrate and synthesize content from various disciplines
  • Understand the basis of creative and critical thinking
  • Use information technology for reliable and valid data collection for developing considered opinions
  • Make informed decisions about their course selections