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PSY643 Crisis Counseling

Lead Faculty: Dr. Brenda Lee Shook

Course Description

A multidisciplinary resilience-based approach to crises, emergencies, or disasters, including principles of intervention for individuals with mental or emotional disorders during times of crisis. Course covers cognitive, affective, behavioral, neurological effects associated with trauma and the use of culturally appropriate brief, intermediate, and long-term counseling approaches to clients and communities dealing with crisis events, emergencies, and disasters.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify expected psychological, social, and spiritual effects of crisis events and traumatic reactions.
  • Conduct an intake interview with a client dealing with an issue related to a crisis event.
  • Identify key warning signs and symptoms of mental or emotional disorders occurring as a result of a crisis event, emergency, or disaster.
  • Apply theoretical models used to formulate a treatment plan for clients in crisis.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of spectrum of current care strategies on behalf of people in crisis.
  • Develop strategies consistent with the principles of resilience-based crisis intervention to facilitate treatment of clients in crisis.
  • Use case information to coordinate short term care and recovery for individuals affected by crisis.
  • Maintain professional case records and electronic data management systems to coordinate efforts across disciplines and agencies in compliance with ethical and legal standards.