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PSY631B Counseling Practicum II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Valerie L. Alexander

Course Description

A two-part field practicum in which students work as MFT trainees under the supervision of a licensed therapist. Students also participate in an academic seminar at the University. Students select an approved practicum site and accumulate 200 hours of psychotherapy experience that includes 150 hours of face-to-face work with clients during a six-month period. Regular course work continues during this period. The academic seminar meets two hours per week and runs concurrently with onsite work. Seminar work focuses on professional and training issues, including process issues, case conceptualization, oral, written and videotaped presentations and integration of relevant research. onsite psychotherapy and supervision hours can be used as partial fulfillment of MFT licensing hours. This six-month seminar may meet in the late afternoon outside of regular class hours. Grading is by H, S, or U only.