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PSY612B Clinical Assessment II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Valerie L. Alexander

Course Description

This course covers the assessment and diagnosis for Anxiety, Psychotic, Personality, Dissociative, and Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders in the DSM and other assessment systems. Students will practice assessment skills and development of treatment plans during the course. Outcomes assessment and case conceptualization processes will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish among diagnoses of Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia and other Psychothic Disorders, Personality Disorders, Dissoicative Disorders, and Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders.
  • Formulate an assessment of clients with issues related to anxiety, psychosis, persistent personality traits, dissociation, sexual issues, and gender identity from perspectives other than the DSM.
  • Distinguish between clients with actual pschological diagnoses and those who may be malingering.