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PSY608 Evidence-Based Practice

Lead Faculty: Dr. Valerie L. Alexander

Course Description

Examination of the concepts and controversies in evidence-based practice approaches to the evaluation of the effectiveness of psychotherapy. It covers the methods of assessing effectiveness, information research skills, and integration of various kinds of evidence relevant to the conduct of psychotherapy using critical thinking skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply key concepts in critical thinking to the evaluation of psychotherapy effectiveness.
  • Evaluate different contemporary perspectives as to what constitutes evidence that psychotherapy is effective.
  • Analyze key concepts of evidence-based practice.
  • Evaluate the conceptual merits of different analytical methods used to assess the evidence base of several psychotherapy approaches.
  • Analyze problems and potential solutions facing the practicing psychotherapist trying to achieve the aims of evidence-based practice.
  • Analyze information relevant to evidence-based clinical practice through the use of various kinds of database searches.