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PSY458 Health Psychology

Lead Faculty: Dr Brenda Lee Shook

Course Description

An examination of the relationship between behavior, psychological variables, and physical illness and health. A strong emphasis is placed on health psychology theory, research and applications focused on wellness promotion and the prevention and behavioral treatment of illness.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe core differences between biopsychosocial vs. biomedical approaches to health and the implications of those differences for prevention and treatment.
  • Compare and contrast attitude change, cognitive-behavioral, and social-engineering approaches to important health habits such as diet, exercise and weight control.
  • Discuss critical features of modern stress theory and apply stress theory through case analysis.
  • Identify problems in the caregiver-patient relationship and formulate case examples showing how such problems might be reduced.
  • Describe major features of contemporary biopsychosocial approaches to the management of acute and chronic pain.
  • Discuss critical features of behavioral treatment approaches to chronic and terminal illness.