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PSY448 History of Sport & Sport Psych

Lead Faculty: Dr Sarah Castillo

Course Description

This course looks at the interrelated historical development of psychology, applied psychology, and sport psychology. Topics include the role of the scientific method and applied methods in research and practice, the role of culture in sport and sport psychology, the history of sports, and current trends in sport and applied psychology

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the rise of the scientific method and the worldview in Western Europe as a precursor to the development of psychology and how this occurred.
  • Identify and articulate historical debates in philosophy that have and continue to influence the field of psychology.
  • Identify and describe the origins of psychology within science.
  • Identify and describe the origins of sport psychology and research within the broader discipline of psychology.
  • Discuss the history of sport and its relationship to culture.
  • Describe the original foundations of applied psychology.
  • Identify current trends in sport and applied psychology.