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PGM200 Personnel Dev & Human Relation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Michael McAnear

Course Description

Overview of human resources management and organizational development activities including employment, interviewing, career systems, compensation, benefits, training, organizational change, performance evaluation, discipline and employee assistance, labor relations, affirmative action and equal employment opportunity considerations, and health and safety.(*may only be taken by students in the Associate of Arts, Concentration in Professional Golf Management)

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the various human resources functions.
  • Complete a rudimentary job analysis process.
  • Identify key legal constraints and concerns for managing employees.
  • Identify and describe three methods of selecting employees.
  • Identify and describe five methods of appraising employees.
  • Identify and describe key issues in the motivation and compensation of employees.
  • Identify and describe key elements to a successful discipline process.
  • Identify and describe common components of employee assistance programs.
  • Identify and describe key elements in health and safety programs.
  • Identify and describe common dynamics in management/labor relations.
  • Identify and describe common concerns in organization development.