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HUB648 Personal Growth & Comm.

Lead Faculty: Dr Charles Tatum

Course Description

An examination of the meaning and importance of personal growth and human communication in human life and relationships. Development of critical communication skills, self-awareness and self-understanding to enhance personal and professional relationships. Presents a variety of models and methodologies in the exploration of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth.

Learning Outcomes

  • To acquaint students with the multidisciplinary background and development of communication theory.
  • To demonstrate the application of communication theory to interpersonal and group situations.
  • To introduce and/or expand upon concepts of personal growth and their relationship to communication.
  • To enlighten students as to their characteristic communicative styles and the interpersonal impact and consequences of their communicative styles.
  • Describe the origins of modern communication and personal growth theses in family systems theory, clinical and counseling psychology, and linguistics.
  • Describe discrete interpersonal and group episodes in terms of a communications framework.
  • Describe his/her own communicative style, and the likely consequences of his/her routine methods of communication.