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HUB301 Behavioral Science

Lead Faculty: Dr. Charles Tatum

Course Description

A study of the application of human behavior and behavioral science principles to the practice of management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define and differentiate between the characteristics of the behavioral science discipline and the psychology discipline.
  • Describe the major concepts and events that have impacted the evolution of the American workplace.
  • Describe the construct and the application(s) of major theories of workplace behavior, including those of Taylor, the Hawthorne Experiments, Maslow, Hertzberg, McGregor, Blake and Mouton, Hersey and Blanchard, etc.
  • Research, analyze and describe, in a written/oral report, a workplace situation and how/why some of the theories examined are relevant; including reference to at least six articles from current (within the past five years) periodicals.
  • Describe the behavioral roles, problems, constraints and options relevant to recent and predicted changes in the workplace, including international cultural issues and the impact of technology.