National University

BER699 Integrated Seminar

Course Description

Major research paper in a topic of Bereavement Studies (collaboratively designed by the learner and instructor). This is a two month course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Specify timelines and key milestones for execution and completion of research and project activities.
  • Identify sources of data for research and the resulting project.
  • Identify a specific need for the research and project that adds to or expands the literature in the field of death, dying, loss, and/or bereavement.
  • Gather, compare and contrast, and analyze relevant research and data.
  • Identify, describe, and use appropriate theoretical concepts and/or models for drawing conclusions and making an argument for the need of the resulting project.
  • Clearly compose a research paper, demonstrating a solid understanding of the APA formatting and review of the research literature.
  • Submit a final project that could be applied to a specific type of loss or person, population, group, agency, or community at large.